Wednesday, December 17, 2008

sarcastic horoscope

Sarcasm, as per dictionary, is harsh, sneering and cutting remarks meant to insult or deride a person or a situation. Or simply put – it is a sharp and bitter taunt. Club sarcasm with individual traits and characteristics derived from zodiac signs and you have sarcastic horoscopes. As the name suggests, the very essence of this horoscope is to harp on all traits of that zodiac sign – be it good or bad trait – and then make caustic but ironic remarks about those characteristics.
One common attribute of such horoscopes is the usage of excessive strong words – at times little adult – but always aimed at humiliating a person. For instance, an inherent characteristic of a zodiac can be to be very social and to be an extrovert and love talking; sarcastic horoscopes will distort the fact with bitter remarks and probably express as one who can be termed as a chattering teeth toy – to put mildly. There is lot of writing flair and punch that goes into the making of a sarcastic horoscope. And the more expressive the astrologer is while describing an attribute, the more interesting the horoscope becomes to read and enjoy.
The objective of writing such horoscopes is to get a good laugh and also get to know the stereotype person within an individual through the witty sarcastic horoscopes. Mostly it makes a good gift to friends but one should be cautious and not consider it as gift for a touchy person. Generally, all such reports are personalized reports based on an individual’s birth details associated with the planetary positions at that time. The reports are written by not only creative writers but also by famous astrologers.
Sometimes friends gift a sarcastic horoscope – highlighting a few known negative traits in that person and also associated with that person’s zodiac. All through our growing years, occult has played an interesting role and this has led to increased sub-conscious level beliefs, in horoscope, in many people. Their actions are often based on what they have read in their predictions. Sarcastic horoscopes can be useful for such people as then they become doubly cautious about the much jeered negative attributes and stay clear from them – thus absolving self from those negative characteristics in long term. It is surely a good gift to a person who needs to be obliquely told of what attribute in the person is causing grief to others.
The epitome of a sarcastic horoscope is in its irony. The very fact that even a good trait is convoluted and represented as a negative trait – is the unique selling proposition in such a horoscope. For instance, a zodiac sign may embody a considerate and a sympathetic person but in sarcastic horoscope it may be termed as a sucker and unworthy of even being shit. If the zodiac sign represents a born leader, a sarcastic report may term it as pushy, bully, arrogant, mirror-kissers and intolerant to criticism.
Sarcastic horoscopes are just the opposite of happy. However, people who love sarcastic horoscopes can be happy to know that they have a much developed right brain that understands sarcasm and are smarter than many who do not realize the sarcasm.